Pēpi Pack Special.  Muka Pito Tie, pounamu cutter with wooden board, pounamu teething taonga

10 Reasons Why Every Newborn Should Have a Taiao Pēpi Pack

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Our Pēpi Pack is the perfect gift for our babies.  Our Taiao Pēpi Pack consists of 1 Muka Pito Tie, 1 pounamu Cutter and wooden board, 1 Pounamu Teething taonga. 


  • Natural resources in our environment.  Pounamu is sourced from the Hokitika in the South Island of New Zealand
  • Revitalizing the practices of our tūpuna.  Empowering our Traditional Maori practices
  • Natural process.  Many indigenous race use the same process with their traditional stone, fibres etc
  • Fast healing using a Muka Pito Tie.  Natural healing fibres from our Native Harakeke that is antiseptic
  • Convenience of all taonga created by us who Whakapapa to Aotearoa.  All education in one pack for a cheap price
  • Cultural traditional practice in many cultures.  
  • Values to hand down generations from your eldest baby to the youngest.  These values will be meaningful for future generations
  • Handcrafted by our hands.  Both female and male element all created from scratch
  • Educational:  Teaching our Rangatahi a easy and natural process to teach to their whānau
  • Spiritual connection. Healing vibration through the stone, karakia, 


These are some great reasons why this special pack is ideal for your newborn.  Everything you need to educate your whānau in the process is all in one pack including your first baby teething taonga.  Instilling traditions for all your Whānau to hand down generations.  

These taonga were inspired by our mokopuna arriving months apart and we created our first taonga for them both.  It made sense to offer this valued information to other whanau

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