Muka (flax fibres) & Paua Taonga (recycled)
Muka (flax fibres) & Paua Taonga (recycled)

Muka (flax fibres) & Paua Taonga (recycled)

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Muka (flax fibres) & Paua Taonga (recycled) $60.00

The white muka fibres has healing properties, which our ancestors used in child birth that we have in our Pēpi Pack.  It is also used in traditional weaving techniques and to create many items such as bags, clothing and rope.  Traditionally New Zealand flax is known as harakeke and grows easily here in the heartlands of Aotearoa.

All our taonga are created by our hands.  We use Whatu (traditional weave) of traditional and contemporary fibres to create our taonga.  All our resources we use are raw from our natural environment and harvested by us

  • Harakeke from Auckland
  • 4 plait taura (woven string) honey wax string
  • Extendable taura (woven string)

F R E E    S H I P P I N G


If1:  Who creates all taonga sold from Taiao Creative Limited?

A:  Both Cherrilee Fuller and Jason Martin create all taonga from Taiao Creative Limited.  Wood is from  our father Wilf Fuller 


2:  Where do you source your resources to create taonga?

A:  Most resources are collected in our rivers, bush, sea from all over Aotearoa.    Whanau help supply resources to create all our taonga


3:  Where do you source your Pounamu?

A:  Majority of the pounamu we work with is from Hokitika.  Most stone we have are off cuts through carvers


4:  Do you have a shop?  

A:  No we are working from our home in Massey West Auckland.  We will be attending different events and markets or trading online.


5:  Do you send taonga overseas?  

A:  Yes at the cost of the customer


6:  Can we pick up our order in Massey West Auckland?

A:  Yes we can arrange for pick up from our home


7:  Do you source anything from overseas?

A:  Yes our crystals, gemstones and some shells


8:  Do you supply afterpay?

A:  Yes we do


9:  Are your taonga blessed?  

A:  All taonga are blessed to start their journey with the new owner.  We encourage all customers to take back to their own kaumatua to bless 


10:  Do you clean your raw resources?

A:  Yes we do.  We will scrub and sometimes we sand 


11:  If we purchase a pumoana, would the packaging survive delivery to my home?

A:  Yes we use thick boxes, crushed paper and tissue.  These taonga will be packed super strong to handle the journey and arrive in one piece 



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